Amazing career: from boxing to the Senate

Of course, we’re talking about Manny Pacquiao. On the one hand, his life has become a legend, and on the other hand, it is filled with work, perseverance, newsintv fearlessness and constant overcoming.

Let’s start with the fact that Emmanuel was born into an extremely poor and large family in the not too rich Philippines. From early childhood, he had one passion – boxing. In his dreams, he saw how he defeats rivals, how bets are placed on him in betting applications, for example, on https://uz-bet. club/pin-up/app, is called a favorite.

Therefore, from the age of 13, he begins to speak for money. After saving up for the road, he travels to Manila to become a professional athlete. But the first entry into the ring will have to wait for another 2 long years. famousbiography

Hello America

Pacquiao travels to the US, where he longs to find a trainer to improve his boxing technique. The second task is to enter the fight for the championship title, having gone through many fights.

Difficulties began from the very start. He wasn’t interested in the coaches because he was completely unknown in the United States, so no one wanted to bet on him. Only one of them was professional enough to recognize the great talent of the Filipino. His name was Freddie Roach.

The endless star journey began with defeat

Yes, that’s right. In 1996, at the age of 18, he meets in a fight with Rustico Torrecampo, whom he loses by knockout. But after only 1 year, he wins the very first title in his life (OPBF in the flyweight division).

Streak of victories

  • late 1998 – WBC Lightweight belt
  • 2000 – 2001 – taking the championship in the second bantamweight, according to the IBF version, then the WBO;
  • 2004 – WBA and IBF featherweight champion;
  • 2005 – second featherweight taken;
  • 2008 lightweight belt received;
  • in 2008-2009 he fought for the first welterweight.

In total, he was the world champion in 8 categories, and took part in 12. As a result, already in September he announced his retirement.

Not just boxing

Manny is a billionaire and successful politician. Represents the Liberal Party of the Philippines. In 2016, he allowed himself to express dissatisfaction with the permission for same-sex marriage, because of which he lost a multi-year contract with Nike. But he does not regret, does not change his point of view. That is, reliable as always and causes a burning desire to bet on his victory in any aspect of life. jmdhindi

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