Free Bets For Existing Customers

Customer loyalty is a precious commodity. As more and more customers are lured away by competing services, giving free bets to existing customers could be the key to winning them back. Offering this type of reward for current customers, if done correctly, can help retain some important customer relations in a difficult market. f95zoneusa

A free bet for existing customers is a reward offered to those customers with a track record of loyalty who also has a good volume of betting activity. The reward may be as simple as placing bets in the same way as normal, but with the free bet being used to enhance the regular returns. This could mean choosing from one of two possible alternatives available at the time. The first alternative is a fixed odds bet. This bet may be used with both straight and each-way markets but will tend to work best with even money markets like the outcome of a match or game like bet 10 get 50.

Why Are Free Bets For Existing Customers So Rife?

The free bet for existing customers is a reward that is designed to attract the most loyal of customers to your service. Existing customers are those who have placed bets on your site before and, furthermore, who have accumulated a certain level of betting activity. They will be the ones most interested in knowing that their betting experience with you is going to get even better, hence the incentive to make these bets available for them for free. Many existing customers are also those that continue to use an online betting service despite the many alternatives on offer. Newer customers, on the other hand, are more likely to be lured away from the service by a free bet.  f95zone

How To Give Away Free Bets For Existing Customers

Giving away free bets to existing customers is not difficult, but it is often overlooked by online betting operators. Unfortunately, many operators stick rigidly to their policy of only offering a winning bet or two when giving away a free bet to customers. This means that those who have chosen to stay loyal will have to play regularly in order to win any money back. There are, however, several ways in which you can make it easier for customers who want to convert their free bets into money. One thing that needs to be remembered with this is that the more games available, the greater chance there is of converting your free bet into a cash prize. When converting free bets for existing customers, an operator should always think about the amount of money that it can offer on each and every one of the possible outcomes. That way, it will be easier for existing customers to convert their free bets into money.

The easiest way to give away free bets for existing customers is to offer a fixed odds bet. These bets offer the most chance of winning and, therefore, of converting into cash. This is because there are so many possible outcomes that these bets will cover. A fixed odds bet on one game only has a few possible outcomes, so you could be forced to accept a lower payout in order to win your free bet back.

How Many Bets To Offer Existing Customers

It is important to remember that giving away free bets for existing customers has to be done in moderation. The best bet is to offer enough value but not too much. If you give away so many free bets that only a small percentage of your customers are able to convert their bets into cash, then the remaining customers may become disgruntled. You should also remember that offering more than one fixed odds bet per week can be counter-productive in the long run. This is due to the fact that your existing customers will be able to win a great deal more money than they can possibly lose. Remember, the purpose of this offer is to entice loyalty, not to take it away.


Offering free bets for existing customers is one of the best possible ways to offer a reward. These offers are a great way to retain your most loyal customers and also attract new ones. However, giving away too many free bets can result in your current customers becoming disillusioned. It is always best to strike the right balance on these free offers between giving too much and not enough. f95forum

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