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Is Online Betting Legal in Korea?

If you are wondering if online betting in Korea is legal, there are some important things to keep in mind before you sign up. South Korean banks are notoriously suspicious of suspicious gambling money transfers, so it is best to avoid these altogether. Aside from a South Korean bank’s e-wallet restrictions, the most common way to verify your address is to produce a Korean utility bill and provide a certified English translation. Although it is possible to use a Korean driving license or Citizen Card, foreign online bookmakers are more skeptical of these documents and will prefer to see a passport. A Korean passport can be obtained from the city hall or 14 provincial offices for KRW 55,000, but it is not necessary to be an actual citizen of Korea to register for one.

Gambling has long been a part of South Korea’s culture. Before the new government took over, Koreans enjoyed betting on sports and native board games. However, this practice was discouraged, and the country implemented a stringent gambling law. The ban on betting within the country was followed by a similar prohibition on foreign gambling. Despite these restrictions, Koreans can still gamble offshore at offshore sites. In fact, some South Koreans even go to foreign casinos to bet on their favorite sports.

In South Korea, it is entirely legal to place bets on horse racing, cycle races, motorboat racing, golf, and soccer. You can also place bets on sports promotions if you are a South Korean resident. However, make sure that you follow the regulations set out by the government. These rules are very strict and restrict betting. A lot of South Koreans are afraid to gamble with unauthorized sites.

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