Ronaldo: the “star” that evokes emotions

If you look at the official biography of a football player, then it is simply replete with the words “best”, “winner”, “champion”. There is also everything that is connected in this game with gold: balls, boots.

His presence/absence in a match instantly affects quotes, which everyone who bets on football knows. If you don’t have a cool betting app yet, don’t forget to download it at

That is, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is really a star capable of collecting stadiums. Moreover, he has an amazing ability to evoke emotions, which eminent athletes rarely boast of.

From love to hate

He was the first in the world to reach 400 million followers on Instagram. Tellingly, both fans and haters willingly subscribe to it. The latter can be banned, deleted, but in an hour or a day they will definitely return. And among the people who constantly monitor Cristiano’s account, there are a large number of Messi fans.

These players are constantly compared, and the comparison is clearly not in favor of Ronaldo:

  • Lionel is deeply positive and humble
  • Krish is ambiguous, proud of himself and his achievements
  • Messi tries to smooth out conflicts, Cristiano aggravates them
  • The Argentine is silent and reserved, the Portuguese is expressive and, frankly, a little vindictive.

By the way, this far-fetched confrontation even led to the fact that they are betting on which of them will score more or receive the Golden Boot.

From a psychological point of view, it is quite understandable why the Portuguese athlete causes a negative reaction in certain people. He is not afraid to flaunt what others carefully hide in themselves, that is, a “fat ego” and pride in himself. It always causes conflicting emotions. But without such shortcomings, it is hardly possible to become a star.

Direct benefits from Ronaldo

Again, due to its features, stadiums gather and spectators do not tear themselves away from the screens. It is clear that fans are fanatic, bettors and bookmakers are watching the bets, but a whole army of haters is added here. It is the latter who are ready to attend all matches, closely follow the team’s training in order to wait and see with their own eyes the player’s mistake. Don’t believe me?

The most talked about event of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was the moment when Ronaldo took something out of his pants pocket and ate it. How many other athletes also come during matches is unknown and no one is interested, but whether Krish ate an energy drink, a candy bar or chewing gum – they argued for several days. Isn’t this fame?

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