Who do predictions in the NBA: the best players

Every year the “stars” of basketball change. Some just go down in the rankings, while others disappear from it altogether. But there are new, young players who are determined to become one of the best. Therefore, some names in the TOP may come as a surprise if you inattentively followed the last season.

But if you are a frequenter of bookmakers, like to bet on the results of matches, for example, on, then you will surely agree with the list of the strongest NBA players.

Ja Morant: very young and very promising

This 22 year old basketball player plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. Experts note that it was thanks to his highest performance that the team managed to take second place in the National League tournament. This is not only accurate passes and picking up the ball from opponents, but also at least 27 points per game.

Devin Booker: shock of the season

Largely due to his efforts, the Phoenix Suns were able to stun their fans with a surprise advance to the semi-finals. He also managed to score about 27 points in each meeting, including many three-point hits. At the same time, he kept bettors and bookmakers in suspense, as he began to break sports predictions for basketball buxic

LeBron James and his “apples of youth”

Who doesn’t know the star of the Los Angeles Lakers? At 37, he does not lose ground at all, on the contrary, experience is added to his eternal youth. He is still dynamic, active and productive. From 30 points in each match serve as confirmation of this.

Tatum: did the almost impossible

Another destroyer of stability in betting on NBA winners. He managed to get the Boston Celtics to the Finals, something he hadn’t done since 2010.

Joel Embiid: injuries are not a hindrance

This is an extremely talented basketball player from the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite constant injuries, he manages to earn more than 30 points for the team for each appearance on the court.

Kevin Durant: the brightest star in the constellation

There are a lot of stars in the Brooklyn Nets club. But Durant stands out even in this lineup. Every time he gives all the best on the field, fearlessly fighting for the ball. This is probably why he was plagued by injuries throughout the season. Given that he is already 33 years old, this becomes dangerous.

Luka Doncic: the contender for the title of “the best basketball player of the generation”

This is the opinion of some experts. It is quite possible that such predictions in sports can come true. In the meantime, the 23-year-old Slovak successfully leads the Dallas Mavericks to the finals.

Nikola Jokic: the first among the “big men”

The extremely large Serbian athlete skillfully uses his outstanding dimensions in the fight for the ball. However, he is still effective. Do you want to bet on it in the betting application? Then bet on the Denver Nuggets.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: still dangerous

The 27-year-old Greek athlete is still strong and angry. No wonder he twice became NBA MVP.

Stephen Curry: TOP 1 season

In 8 years of playing for the Golden State Warriors, he led his team to victory in the NBA 4 times. But only this season he managed to get the MVP of the finals. That is, he is really the TOP 1 of basketball at the moment.

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